Can You Adequately Train for the Spartan Race?

Buy the Spartan Kit and get all the essential equipment you need to adequately train for the spartan race

What You’ll Get In the Spartan Kit

Target Cover

50 ft Rope

6 Cones




What Can You Do with the Spartan Kit?

  • Train for rope obstacles
  • Target practice with a spear and a target cover
  • Perform the Atlas Carry with the bucket
  • Practice for sandbag carry with the included sandbag
  • Mark the crawling with the 6 included cones

Your Spartan Coach

Financial Advisor

David Bradford  


David Bradford is a financial advisor at Drive Planning, creator of More With David and Spartan Race coach. He advocates that we should strive to be financially free, physically fit and relationship rich.  

David has coached groups for Spartan Race for the past 4 years. After finding that gyms and parks didn’t provide the right conditions to train for a Spartan Race, he created the Spartan Kit to supplement his teams’ training needs.

“The Spartan Kit has completely changed my preparation for the the Spartan Race. I feel more adequately prepared and I’m planning on crushing my previous time.”

Joseph Smorgusson
Music Producer