David J Bradford

I’m David Bradford.

I was a pastor for 10 years and then lead the sales team of a hiring solutions start up. That’s when I started working as a Financial Advisor and I made it my mission to raise the financial IQ of America’s entrepreneurs as their Financial Strategist.

I specialize in coaching entrepreneurs and real estate investors with creative and comprehensive financial strategies. I am passionate about raising the net worth of America’s entrepreneurs and bringing to them strategies that have long been used exclusively by the extremely wealthy.

I am also an avid athlete and participant in the Spartan Races. My involvement in Spartan Races has led me to start SpartanFit Bootcamp — an outdoor fitness and training venue for obstacle race training. I have 6 children and live with my wife in Peachtree Corners, part of Northeast Atlanta.

The Principles that Guide Me

My Core Values

1. Integrity

I do what I say with honesty.

2. Kai Zen

I live with a fiery resolve to improve and innovate myself first and all that I influence.

3. Golden Rule

I put the needs and interests of others ahead of myself; I treat people the way I would want to be treated.

4. Megaphone

I passionately get out the message of hope and financial literacy loudly and with amplification.

5. Fear Not

I will act with courage and not let fear guide me.

6. Team Work

When I work with others, we magnify our impact; teamwork makes the dreamwork.

7. Rush

I will be in a hurry to help people.

8. Efficiency

I seek to help people find greater efficiency with their money AND create systems to maximize the impact of my work.


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