David J Bradford: COO of Drive Planning

Creating Control and Certainty for Your Financial Goals for Today and Tomorrow

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David J Bradford

“I’m an entrepreneur success coach that gives my clients access to the proven tax ideas and private investments of the wealthy.”


Intentional Financial Strategies for a Successful Life

As a financial strategist, I will guide you through every step of your financial life and educate you so that together we can make wise decisions for your future. Through education, information and effective strategies, we will bring your financial goals to life and chart a successful path for you.

Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Asset Protection

Retirement Planning

The Drive Planning Methodology for Financial Success

Drive Planning is a financial services firm designed to guide our clients through an intentional approach to a successful life.

Keep More

Wealth building is more about how much you keep than about how much you make. Our financial strategies will protect you from the:

5 Wealth Destroyers:

  1. Inflation
  2. Taxation
  3. Litigation
  4. Market Fluctuation
  5. Devastation

Make More

We will create a plan for you using the same strategies that the extremely wealthy have been using for decades. We will break those down and explain how they may be applied to you and your financial future to maximize your earning potential while minimizing risk.

Live More

We want to ensure that you’re ready for a wealthy retirement and that starts with creating a financial plan that will lead you there, so that you can retire early and confident that your money will not run out.

We help people navigate through the financial storms we see in the world today.

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My Process

How We Will Work Together

Step 1: Getting to Know You

We start with a 12-minute call where we learn about your goals, objectives and concerns.

Step 2: Comprehensive Financial History Review

I will review your financial history to understand where you are losing money or opportunity unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Step 3: Tailor-Made Financial Plan

I will craft a financial plan for you that will help you keep more, make more and live more. We will identify areas where you need to change, financial dangers or gaps, and opportunities you should take advantage of.

Clients Managed

Combined Client Networth

The New 1 Percenter Club

Insured loans which are backed by real estate collateral.

Real Estate Acceleration Loan

Insured loans which are backed by real estate collateral.

Cash Out Real Estate Fund

Build wealth with an investment in tax liens that has a significant track record.

Wells Real Estate Investment

A real estate secured mezzanine loan.

Bank-Funded Retirement Plan

Insured loans which are backed by real estate collateral.

Renewable Energy Fund

A target annual average yield of 12% with monthly distributions for predictable, fixed passive income.

Oil & Gas Wells

Create long term growth as well as significant advantages for tax planning.

Traditional Portfolio Model

Professionally managed by the top investment firms.

Conservation Easements

This investment is typically used in conjunction with a coordinated tax strategy.

Waste To Energy

Technology that converts trash into Bio-Diesel Fuel and additional products.

Multi-Family Real Estate

Invest into apartment buildings, duplex or mulitplex real estate.

Short-Term Rentals

A turnkey approach to an Air BnB Strategy.

Storage Unit Investments

Developed and professionally managed by a company who operates in the storage industry.

Georgia Movie & Film Production

Participate in Georgia’s booming Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Industry.